Travel Fares

The online travel portal accounts for from today the booking packages on all flights at the online travel portal accounted for from today the booking packages all flights Munich April 20, 2009. brings back the summer travel fever: now melt the fares to all destinations worldwide. Because the online travel portal gives travelers the flight booking fee of up to 15 euros. This applies to both individual flight bookings and quotes from the section click & mix. Whether a spontaneous short break in European coastal metropolis or the first Beach experiences overseas simply click, withdraw and save. Spontaneous in the getaway: the European coasts discover barely, the Easter holidays are over, the next extended weekends already facing the door.

Given the deleted flight booking fees at the idea is a short vacation on the French Cote d’Azur tempting on May 1 or at Pentecost, taking the Spanish Costa Brava or the Italian Riviera. The temperatures reach already 25 degrees and the Flowers and plants sprayed a summer scented atmosphere. The coastal cities of Valencia, nice and Genoa have less natural, but a more pulsierenderes city life. After an extensive shopping spree or a strenuous tour, it can relax on the local beach and gain strength for the night life. Worldwide travel fantasies to access close wanderlust need not be expensive. The attractive currency ratio, the lower rates * and the cheap flights on make the United States an affordable vacation destination this year.

The dream destination of Germans * allows the most diverse travel fantasies become reality: whether in the Yosemite National Park in the wild nature immerse yourself in the theme park of the U.S. State of Florida let or indulge in the pleasure of shopping in New York. Safe on the road: On click & mix in the click & mix is at can arrange the trip itself.