Vandal Lamps

Vandal lamps are designed for continuous operation in the absence of the owner. How do they differ from standard fixtures? The first thing you want to draw attention – make out like lamps IMPOSSIBLE. More precisely, perhaps, if you have a special key supplied with the luminaire. No key – no access inside the lamp. Only if its broken. But to break a such a lamp is very problematic.

Judge themselves: First, on-site lamp fixed bottom plate made of steel sheet 1 mm thick. In the plate has four holes krepezh.Korpus lamp is made of sheet steel 0.8 mm thick and covered with white plastic paint, applied by powder coating. For comparison – the thickness of the metal bodywork of the car: the bottom – 0.9 mm, and the rest part – 0.6-0.8 mm. For special screws attached housing bubble, cast of heavy-duty lighting polycarbonate Thickness 4mm. Of similar material, thickness 3-4mm, made shields for police special forces. All this ensures that even after a long absence, lamp holder finds it in place and fully intact. Unless of course any attacker would not want to work for about an hour the heavy crowbar or sledgehammer. Besides these lamps are very economical in operation.

Depending on the model, they can be fitted with energy-saving lamps or opto-acoustic sensors, which include light only at night and while next to it to anyone. Considering All of the above, it is recommended to use these lamps in locations where access by: on holiday and gardens, stairwells of apartment houses, in attics or in basements … We have presented several models of similar lamps with different designs and a complete set. Specifications listed in the product description: The manufacturer's website or online store