Wednesday Ministry

Recall that bppm in September 2008 moved to a closed water cycle, eliminating penetration of industrial effluents into Lake Baikal. As stated in the report released Wednesday Ministry of Natural Resources' State of the Lake Baikal and measures for its protection in 2007 'Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill operations seriously pollute the water of Lake Baikal in 2007. The transition to a closed water circulation system environmentalists saw as a very important victory in the protection of Lake Baikal, but Now, you may have to start a new fight to prevent the resumption of the enterprise with authorized discharge effluent into the lake. Categorically opposed to opening closed water system of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill statements and Ministry of Natural Resources. Director of the department of public policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection and ecological safety of the mep Rinat Gizatulin said that the Ministry does not even consider the possibility of opening the closed water system bppm. Discharges to the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill is prohibited and is a direct violation of the law on the protection of the lake and regulations of the Russian government. Consequences of global climate change already irreversible American scientists have found the effects of global climate change is already irreversible, and air temperature on the planet will remain high for at least another for a thousand years, even If mankind will cut emissions of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere. The report of American Scientists noted that the earlier people mistakenly believe that if we can stop the carbon dioxide emissions, global temperature the planet will decrease and return to normal by 100-200 years.