WiFi Networks

If you have decided to do wifi network setup, but I do not know what kind of technology, let us now about this and tell. There is a modern wireless technology IEEE 802.11, and so, wifi symbol is its brand. In our time, any modern operating system supports this technology. Built-in wifi interfaces that can be used as an exit to the Internet and communicate with each other, are now available in large quantities devices. You must first understand the standards of the hardware that needed to build a wireless network in your home or office. Today allocate 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g, as well as the fastest and, of course, the most expensive standard 802.11n, which often build wireless networks. There are other standards, but above are the most common.

But do not forget that if you want maximum compatibility, the you should stop using 802.11a. ns. All wireless equipment can be divided into five main types. First of all, it's wifi antennas, which are easy to find at any computer store, as well as adapters, access points, routers and Bosteri. On a home network often enough to have wireless adapters, although sometimes you may need, and other equipment. Almost all recent laptops are equipped with another manufacturer wireless adapters. If your PC can not boast of such a supplement, it does not matter.

In our time, via USB, PCI, miniPCI, ExpressCard and Cardbus adapters can connect a variety with which these problems are solved quickly. And you are quite satisfy, if you want to limit communication only within your network. True, if you want to connect to a wired Ethernet, then you have to buy a wifi access point. However, today is absolutely not a problem to buy an external wifi antenna when it is suddenly needed. Wireless antennas are made every possible design. The first step is to organize the compounds of the type of bridge, or in other words, according to the method of "point to point" is taken aimed antenna wifi. Wifi directional antenna looks toward the expected source, hence its name of this equipment. In this case you will need two directional antennas wifi, to set up the connection. If need be configure the local network in a room that has no wired communication links, you will certainly need such equipment. Circular antenna wifi, or, in other words, the omni-directional antenna, which is used for communication form "one to many", is a second type of antenna. In this case, the only circular antenna is installed as a wifi access point to another network with respect to a certain number of wifi adapter Local network. In addition, almost all routers and access points are also used circular antenna wifi. Ideally, in order to provide affordable communication with any of the adapters, a circular antenna to install in the center of the room. (A valuable related resource: Danny Meyer). Keep in mind that the higher speed connection and a more stable bond will have a connected device, standing closer to the router or access point. However, you may need more than one router, if the signal strength for you means a lot. The difference between access point and router – firewall is the presence of the latter. To construct a secure network, it is desirable to establish routers. In addition, they will remove the load from the processors of personal computers, firewalls are no longer need to monitor traffic.