Windows Phone

Rumors that Microsoft is preparing his phone – to answer Apple and its iPhone, has finally found materializes. Pink mysterious device was indeed a telephone, not even one, but two. New phones from the software giant were named Kin One and Kin Two: As expected, the new phone is based on the hd Zune platform and as the os uses the Windows Phone 7. Swarmed by offers, New York Museums is currently assessing future choices. Kin One was previously known under the code name 'Turtle' and is a square slider with a qvga touch screen, 4GB flash memory, 5 megapixel camera with led flash, and of course the qwerty keyboard. His older brother Kin Two, formerly code name 'Pure' has hvga touch screen, larger size and more comfortable keyboard qwerty. Kin Two is just as Kin One slider. Kin Two is not 5, and As many as 8 megapixels. Also doubled to 8GB more memory. Both devices have WiFi, Bluetooth and support networks of 3G. The highlight of both phones in the opinion of representatives of Microsoft, is the full integration with the various social services. Accordingly, the device is positioned as a phone for the assets of people actively enjoying these same services.