Work Training

Here's why. It's now you remember your training weight. And as it was six months ago? Or what would you like to overcome in six months? Analysis of this – an important motivator in the classroom. Diary helps identify the most effective training methods to best serve you. It is also important to describe his feeling of his diary. For example, the presence of FUNa or, conversely, lack of enthusiasm. A good idea to keep records calories consumed. togad and you will not need months 'mark time', wondering about the lack of progress, it will be enough only to look at their records and perform the analysis.

Solution: Get yourself organizer (Daily), and, just as in business account for all the little things, do the same thing here: Record operating weight, the number of sets and reps, as well as a rating for each. Mistake 4. Monotonous training. Simple increase in weight training does not guarantee muscle growth. The reason is that muscles get used to very monotonous exercises and longer for them to respond. Many years of practicing the same training schemes, and often not even aware that one of the main criteria for success is the variety in training. In addition, it avoids exhausting monotonous routine from workout to workout, because of where many beginners go the distance. Solution: Work out on one set of no more than three months. At every workout can change the number of exercises, their sequence, number of sets and repetitions in them.