Jeff Jarvis

They are also easy to find through search engines. Looking at the first thesis of the Cluetrain Manifesto: “Markets are conversations”, it is clear that it is not enough to place the product only in social networks, because this is no dialogue. You must listen and interact. Bloggers who set trends, evaluate products and therefore define what is “in” and the public to influence the products assign qualitative properties which had not even considered the companies in many cases. In June 2005, Jeff Jarvis wrote about the poor quality of the customer service from Dell ( archives/2005_06_21.html), after he had bought a computer and had paid service charge.

A few days later other bloggers wrote similar comments and a little later the case was discovered by the New York Times. The Sales of Dell sank. A study has shown that the first entry in the blog had a great influence on this phenomenon which later became known as reduced the shares of Dell Dell Hell. Consumers demand a dialogue with the company, rather than a monologue of the companies. In this example, we see the necessity of a two-sided communication and all or nearly all companies need to communicate with their customers. In France the well known company left BBs Domino pizza targeted their target audience to focus on the classic approach of a verkausfordernden advertising to their embassies.

The advertising agency Tribeca proposed an exceptional measure. About your tool Blogger recommendation management ( invited the company bloggers and journalists to the “retro gaming tour” (120 participants). In video games, console games of the 80s and 90s years participants could play and eat of course pizza of company. So could an emotional connection to the desired target group (15 34 years) to the brand produce. The tour goes through several French cities and has already their own Web page ( where interested for future events can login and newsletter can refer to old-school games and the company.