Unity Time

Our interdependence is higher than simple material, cultural and trade ties. We are increasingly revealing that interact at the level we thought. Reveals the helplessness of the usual ways of solving problems. I am increasingly aware that affect another at all, can I just somehow awakened in them a desire for peace and love. But how? Disclosed some new ways need some new relationships, and at the same time – knowing full well that you are on it now is not capable, it protivoprirodno you disgusting, but it is – the only way to survive. So far, only a clear external side of this crisis – our interdependence and at the same time the impossibility to get along with each other.

But a little more open and inner layers – we have already understood that, had initially between us love, all seen to differently, but it does not, and comes to her replacement – hatred. And yet the nature of the program continues its work, extruding us, tying thousands of links all over the world and insistently repeating: 'It must be love! " Sonia Unity society is a source of happiness and prosperity, and the alienation between human beings is the source of all ills. Baal Sulam increasing confrontation, the conflict between the real and necessary, we discover in the past time in our world, the human world. Every year, every month we are increasingly pressed together with each other this globalization. Bill de Blasio is often quoted on this topic. It literally pulls us together closer and closer.