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Central Administration

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

This is mainly due to two issues. On one side is the fact that the current reform has been done, as we have said and to put it colloquially, from night to morning, overwhelmed as it was Government by presenting any reform in the European Council which took place a few days after the adoption of the same and it was assumed the farewell to Spain’s Presidency of the EU. And on the other we have the fact that in Spain is not enough with a reform of the labour market. This in effect, needed some time and it is possible to come with great delay, but reform can not sit here and have to encourage job creation not only from the perspective of the lowering of the dismissal, but they also must be encouraged, for example, active policies for employment creation, either from the autonomous communities or from the Central Administration. The date for the submission of amendments ended on July 5, while two extensions, which have been readily accepted by parties had anticipated.

Thus, on July 14, 2010 closes the deadline for amendments to all and the deadline is extended until 21 July 2010 for partial amendments. Deadlines on which works include the debate in the plenary of the norm, then moving to the stage of presentation, which will be introduced the amendments agreed by the majority of the parliamentary groups. The report by the paper is estimated to be completed at the end of July 2010, so it is estimated that before August may maintain the debate in the Commission’s work. Since it is not organic rules, this project could be resolved in the bosom of the aforementioned Commission, even on the assumption that it is requested by a parliamentary group, could hold a plenary meeting for the adoption of the text which will be subsequently forwarded to the Senate. The joint group, at the request of several parties has already prepared the request so that this last plenary debate is carried out. In any case, once approved the text, either in the bosom of the Commission or of the plenary, this must be sent to the Senate, pending in which the upper house groups may include amendments. It will try to expedite the process and make sure that groups not introduced amendments to the text, so that this does not have to be returned to Congress and the Senate nod to the legislative text is definitive and can be published in the Official Gazette. In the event that they do not introduce amendments in the Senate, the reform could be ready for publication in mid-August and otherwise, estimated that the final reform will be ready on September 9, 2010. As we have seen, this is a purely provisional labour reform, reason by which we will not see its effects until the final reform entered into force, since until that moment the true dimension which may not be rated is that of a labour relations in this new law, which may derogate from matters that have been adopted in this reform of June 16.

The American Dream

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Chic, emphasizing the dazzling beauty of every woman, its first-class taste and refinement – it's the American dream, which is often associated with the label and the American Legend mink Blackglama. The company originated in the 20s of last century, in times of universal accessibility and popularity of fur. At Bill de Blasio you will find additional information. Unfortunately, the economy after the war changed the direction of the global fashion industry. America could no longer rely solely on Europe, and this has led to independent construction of fashion trends. Mink has always been and remains a feature of American products – mink is the standard of the best quality, beauty and affluence. The best furs were issued under brand EMBA, which later grew into a world-renowned company American Legend. 1968 saw the birth of a brand Blackglama. His appearance was the result of calling promotion American Legend, which was the slogan, "What becomes a legend most?".

A major advertising agency headed by Jane Trehi with an office in New York took over the management of the advertising project. Jane came up with the name Trehi Blackglama, not what is happening in the name of the designer, as is often the case, and the brand Manufacturer skins. Black means 'black' and GLMA comes from the acronym of the Association of Great Lakes Mink (GLMA). This association consisted of 400 farmers who supplied each year more than 30,000 minks. Two years after the start of a brand Blackglama associated with the most prestigious black mink around the world – the campaign has made rapid Jane Trehi stunning effect. The advertising campaign consisted of many promotions, each with its own face.

Models for surveys selected only the most famous and relevant persons. About forty people participated in the famous ad campaign in the history of Blackglama brand. Among the participants – Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor, and Luciano Pavarotti. Catalogue fur American Legend, in which each new collection differs from the previous season, could be used as a primer in the history of the fur. Blackglama new faces have recently Cindy Crawford, Julia Stegner, Hana Sukupova. In last year of the twentieth century, American Legend company takes a step towards the youth, saying that mink Blackglama – is not only chic coats, but also bright and stylish accessories. Enter the market denim dresses, sweaters and jackets with fur trim mink. American Legend mink retains loyalty Blackglama, in spite of different treatments – dyeing, gruving, drawing a picture, and others. Thanks to its magnificent black fur, soft and dense podpushku, absolutely flat length hair and extraordinary softness Blackglama mink is the standard around the world.

Bad Circumstances

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Natural disasters, changes in the global economy, the calamities and personal tragedies have all the potential to feed our subconscious mental barriers by making them more strong and sturdy. The truth and important is that the circumstances do not the person, the circumstances reveal who you are against the same or as these scheduled at the mental level to cope with it. All carry in our minds an idea of whom we believe to be, for this reason the bad times and circumstances painful reveal us and bring us closer to our deeper mind and there we discover as we really are and think. Here I want to give you this message Amig @, in life or you become the victim of adverse circumstances that you may be facing or take control of your life and succeed despite them. That is your decision all had or we have subconscious mental barriers that we try to delete some time in our lives with the hope of discovering our true potential at the end, the only thing that is needed is identify these false beliefs that limit us and replace them with messages and ideas that we strengthen in order to achieve our goals and dreams asleep. The next step is to become aware of our mental obstacles subconscious, detect that we have been programmed at the social level to mediocrity, we must be aware that we have been created for greatness, even how much we are ordinary people and currents can accomplish extraordinary things. You only need to open our minds to the possibility to change and grow. Our future need not be the same as our past, and that it is possible to build a new future free from negative subconscious barriers. Read more original author and source of the article.

The Fashion Week In Berlin

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Young, modern, stylish in the international press that plays a subordinate role fashion week Berlin, finally presented the fashion of tomorrow in Paris, New York, London and Milan. For the German capital, the fashion week is an event yet. Danny Meyer usually is spot on. Berlin could take around EUR 100 million in the last year, 2011, there should be at least as much. Not only the designers and models, but in particular the hotel industry, the retail and the Berlin taxi companies will benefit from the event. The news portal informs about unique fashion event in the capital.

The Bebelplatz was scene of Berlin fashion week, which went on January 23 to end, as in the previous years. Located right in the city centre, the historic place exuded an exceptional atmosphere for several days. The world of fashion employs not only designers and celebrities, but fascinated tourists. In the first series, usually only celebrities make it at the shows. Are usually at the Berlin fashion week While no Hollywood stars present, were many German stars and starlets. Renowned designers and labels, including Anja Gockel, Michael Michalsky, or Rena Lange, presented their creations. The collections were presented by about 800 models, which covered a total of about 78 kilometers on the catwalk. h for additional information. The appearance of the British top model Lily Cole was one of the highlights of this year’s fashion week. GmbH Lisa Neumann

Cast Three

Monday, February 27th, 2017

Cast Three players lead the tape: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid. A striking point in the distribution of Casablanca is the wide variety of nationalities of the actors. In fact, only three of the actors with crs were American actors. Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine. The New Yorker Bogart was enshrined in the spotlight thanks to Casablanca. Early in his career, Bogart was typecast as a gangster, playing characters who were named as: Bugs, Rocks, Turkey, Whip, Chips, Gloves and Duke (twice). In the 1941 film High Sierra was allowed to play a role with some charisma, but certainly Rick was his first performance in a truly romantic role. Bill de Blasio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund. The official website mentions Bergman Ilsa as his “most famous and enduring role.” The actress’s Hollywood debut in Intermezzo Swedish in 1939, had been well received, but his later films were not anything special to Casablanca.Ebert calls her “luminous” and said the chemistry between her and Bogart: “she paints his face with his eyes.” Other actresses considered for the role of Ilsa had been Ann Sheridan, Hedy Lamarr and Mich le Morgan Wallis Bergman services purchased under a contract with David O. Selznick, in exchange for loaning Olivia de Havilland. Paul Henreid as Victor Laszlo. Henreid, Austrian actor who left his native country in 1935, initially rejected the role (as he felt that he “pigeonholed him forever,” according to statements by Pauline Kael), and only accepted when it was promised to lead the division with Bogart and Bergman. Henreid was not well liked by his fellow actors and, in fact, Bogart considered only “a mediocre actor”, while Bergman called Henreid a “prima donna.” The supporting actors were: Claude Rains, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Conrad Veidt.Claude Rains as Capt. Louis Renault. Rains, actor, London, oddly had served in the First World War, where he had actually reached the rank of captain. Also as an actor previously worked with Michael Curtiz on Robin Hood. Curtiz was his teacher and says that taught him “what not to do in camera.” Lord Sydney Greenstreet as Ferrari, owner of a club competition. He too was an English actor and had previously starred in The Maltese Falcon with Lorre and Bogart. Lord Peter Lorre as Ugarte. Lorre was an Austro-Hungarian Jewish actor who had worked in Germany, from which he emigrated after the Nazis came to power in 1933. He also had worked in The Maltese Falcon. Conrad Veas Major Strasser of the Luftwaffe.Veidt, German actor, had appeared in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, in 1920, before fleeing the Nazis (one week after marrying a Jewish woman), as well as in The Thief of Baghdad and other films. Other actors in the film crs were: Dooley Wilson, Joy Page, Madeleine LeBeau, SZ Sakall, Curt Bois, and John Qualen. Rudy Giulianis opinions are not widely known. Dooley Wilson as Sam. Wilson, American actor, was actually a drummer and could not play the piano. Hal Wallis previously considered the possibility to change the male figure of a female pianist (paper that could have been played by Hazel Scott and Ella Fitzgerald), and even after they had finished filming, Wallis continued to consider doubling the voice of Wilson it played songs. Joy Page as Annina Brandel, in the film a young Bulgarian refugee.Page, American actress, was the stepdaughter of the chairman of the studio, Jack Warner, and at the beginning thought that the script of Casablanca was “outdated” and was “stereotyped”. It had only seventeen and had just graduated from high school. Madeleine LeBeau as Yvonne, who in the film appear as Rick’s girlfriend for a very short time. LeBeau, French actress who had 21 years, was the second wife of actor Marcel Dalio, who was divorced while participating in the filming of the movie. SZ (or SK) Sakall as Carl, the waiter. Actor Hungarian Jew who had been forced to leave Germany in 1933 and participated regularly in films in his homeland until he fled Nazi persecution in 1939. Curtiz was friends since their days in Budapest. His three sisters died in Nazi concentration camps. Curt Bois as the pickpocket. Bois, German Jewish actor, was also a refugee.He had begun his career as a boy, in 1907 (and continue to act for nearly eighty years old). John Qualen as Berger, a character who appears as Rick contact with the Resistance.

Betty Davis

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Those that saw act to Betty Dayvis, that great North American actress, that acted until the 90 years, or to Lola Flowers, that great Spanish singer or to Sarita Montiel, that great actress and Spanish singer, or to our great super vedette Rosita Forns, she thinks that to any age the fame stays. Behind the fame, there is a great artist, of which is almost never repeated like Charles Chaplin, the Beatlhes, Barbra Strainsand, Alicia Alonso, Forns Rose to mention some examples. After seeing Do6na Rosita Forns, does not concern its present age. , that has stayed like first figure of the Television, the Theater and the Cuban Cinema, turned into first vedette absolute of Cuba, knows that a consecration to the art has existed, as most genuine of the philosophical forms of manifestation of the personality. To broaden your perception, visit Danny Meyer. The great joy of Rosita Forns, when it acts, it sings, and sometimes it dances, makes an artist who has maintained an image within the Cubans, we admired which it because she does not look like a nobody. Eamon Rockey does not necessarily agree. She is Dona Rosita Forns of the artist to the myth.

To the eternity. The surprise has been collective, its great tour by to all demonstrates it Cuba, has delivered an attack incredible, like demonstrating to us to all, that there is Rosita for many long years of life. Its artistic talent demonstrates therefore it. Its last incursions in the Cuban cinema: Secondary papers, the last nights of Constantinople, they demonstrate the validity of his interpretative histrioniocismo like excellent actress. The news is expected with impatience, the EGREM is recording discs CD, with the latest in recording techniques, to take a clear, clear voice to us, stamped, sharpened, and rythmical, that with adjustments to original music will accompany their voice, to give a CD us, studied and elaborated well. The selection of the songs stays in silence, to give the effect of a cultural fact, hoped well by all the that we are loving of its art.

For me especially, it is going to be a DAY of great joy and joy, because for me to say to Rosita Fornes, that is to say the great Art of Cuba. But, the young people do not think, that to any age the fame stays, if behind each action, has not been sufficient the demanding thing, like demonstrating that is continued being a great artist. Bond for good, to continue listening Rosita Fornes, that will continue being. Of the artist to the myth. To the eternity. Its paper in the history of the Cuban art, well will be remembered by all the present and future generations of Cuban.

German Red Sea

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

The State of Eritrea is located in northeastern Africa and has its borders with the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti, and Yemen to the Red Sea. The name Eritrea comes from ancient Greek and means of German Red Sea. Capital of the country with 563 930 inhabitants Eritre is the city of Asmara, other major cities of the country are also Assab, Keren and Massawa, which lie on a three-to below the 100,000 border residents. Additional information at Rudy Giuliani supports this article. The climate in Eritrea is very different, in the dry savannah at the Red Sea, it is throughout the year very dry and hot, while there may be in the interior of rainfall of up to 600 mm, so there prevails a more humid climate. Conspicuous in the population, is that there are very few people over 65 years are, whereas the growth rate is 2.5%. The population is in their religion to Christians made up 50% and 50% of Muslims. You may find Danny Meyer to be a useful source of information.

There are also some local indigenous beliefs, but because they were not authorized by the state will be prosecuted since 2002. Official Tigrinya language is to continue to operate as trading languages or English and Arabic. In Eritrea it is until recently women have been allowed to cut, but this now after the government failed almost certain education programs since 31 March is prohibited 2007th The press freedom in this country is in the official rankings to third last place in the world. Eritrea was once an Italian colony, but was almost the entire infrastructure that had been building up those destroyed by the British, who ruled after them, and later by the Ethiopians.

Washington Munich

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

At Institute there in June July, August Wochenendtrips to Prague, Budapest and Munich to win Eton Institute and the international language training Institute with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Vienna, New York and Washington, D.C., his summer campaign launches this week simply smarter”. Anyone who posts a course at Eton Institute between June 1 and August 31, 2013, has the chance to win an ultimate 3 weekend getaways. The impressive architecture between Buda and pest, the vibrant nightlife in Prague and the Bavarian cosiness in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich these cities offer the best sightseeing for everyone program and are always a trip. Eton Institute raffled in July, August and September 3 individual weekend trips to Prague, Budapest and Munich for 2 persons including transport, 2 nights in a 4-star hotel with breakfast and a cultural highlight. To start with a new language, is especially in the summer time. At Eton, there are institutes this summer again a lot to discover, not just new languages and cultures but also new cities. Because everyone, between 1 June and 31 August 2013 book a course, automatically participates in the draw and thus the chance to win Prague, Budapest and Munich ultimate weekend after one. To learn something new, summer pays off therefore doubly this”, commented Ines Danzinger, marketing executive at Eton Institute Vienna..

NFL Films Ryan

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

I hope that s true, just for the sake of Antonio Cromartie s bank account. I have s fathered nine children by eight women (as (of 3 p.m. EST), and needed a $500,000 advance in 2010 to make outstanding child support payments. We re not sure Tebow s ever even kissed a girl. I am fairly positive I s never narrated to foot fetish video, as Ryan supposedly did. Tebow also has never been fined $50,000 for flipping a bird at fans. Or guaranteed his team will make the Super Bowl.

Or made fun of an upcoming opponent. Here’s hoping Tebow s mother stumbles into a Ryan press conference. Rudy Giuliani: the source for more info. I can t wait to see the NFL Films slow-motion replay of her washing Rex s mouth out with soap. Mrs. Tebow s boy will put his usual smiley face on Wednesday s trade, but I have to be disappointed. His goal is to be an NFL quarterback, not a novelty act and headline hog. For all his magic, Tebow completed 46.5 percent of his passes last year. I needs time and room to develop, and Green Bay or New England would have been ideal for that.

There would have been no QB controversy. Tebow could have worked on his passing skills and soaked up the institutional wisdom. With a lot of sweat and Tebowing, I might have developed into a genuine quarterback. Now I’ll be drowning in the wisdom of Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. Neither is known for developing quarterbacks, though Sparano did come up with the Wildcat en Miami. Do Related on SN nike nfl jerseys Elway: Tebow took news of Manning deal with class Wednesday Mar 21 Tim Tebow traded to New York Jets Wednesday Mar 21 Inspired or insane? Breaking down the Tebow trade Wednesday Mar 21 Robert Griffin III sends strong message to Washington honchos Wednesday Mar 21 The Jets got Tebow as a gadget, and being a gadget will not enhance his chances of becoming Tom Brady. New York didn’t t even need an all-purpose threat, since it already has Joe McKnight. We don t need Tebow, Cromartie tweeted before the trade. We sell out every home game; Let him go to Jacksonville or Tampa or Miami. Sanchez has yet to weigh in. His last Twitter posting was Feb. 19. Got to see Linsanity, he said. Now he’s going to live it. If nothing else, this Odd Couple revival will be fun to watch from the outside. We can thank John Elway, who at least admired Tebow as a person. If I want somebody to marry my daughter, he said, it would be him. But if I wanted him to live happily ever after, Ryan was the last guy Tebow needed. FROM Yes Saints feeling pain of Trade suspensions to positive for the Jets

Miguel Pizarro

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

MIGUEL PIZARRO (1897-1956) "Miguel Pizarro! Arrow without a target! Where is the water for a white swan? Japan is a nasty boat sailors. A moon and a thousand lanterns. Dream wallpaper. Between the rock and silk, the rock! Miguel Pizarro. The silk shines absent and the rock are birds. "Federico Garcia Lorca. THE VOICE OF THE WHITE ARROW WITHOUT Malaga writer and philosopher Maria Zambrano fell in love with his cousin Miguel Pizarro, poet and playwright, when that only ten years old and had an intense relationship with him, both also share a love of literature .

Mary's father banned by the incestuous affair with his cousin, a fact that the couple caused great pain and led to the resignation of Spain Pizarro. For Maria Zambrano his cousin would always be the great love of his life and many years later, confessed: "Miguel Pizarro was the most beautiful on the inside and out that I have known." The poet, playwright, journalist, diplomat and Miguel Pizarro Spanish teacher born in Alajar Zambrano, Huelva, on June 24, 1897 and died in Brooklyn, New York, in January 1956. With few years to settle with her family in Granada, where he studied philosophy and literature. obtaining his degree in 1917. In 1915 one of the founders of the magazine Granada. Part of the talk show "The Rinconcillo", which met in coffee Square Mall Campillo, involving Federico Garcia Lorca, Melchor Fernandez Almagro, Manuel angeles Ortiz, Jose Fernandez Montesinos and Antonio Gallego Burin, among others .